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Welcome to what we hope will become Conspiracy Central. If you don't know about any conspiracies by individuals, Businesses, or Governments (or Aliens) Feel free to make one up. Everyone's bound to get angry about it and that's the point, isn't it?
Forum rules
Be 18 years of age or BE GONE. We accept no liability for anything posted on these forums. We are a privately held Corporation so we are immune to invasion or prosecution by Governments, Individual, or Space Aliens. YOU ARE NOT. So don't get yourself arrested. Warning. This forum is not Politically Correct or Mentally Correct. The load of crap you agreed to when you joined is null and void Except that we and PHPBB do not accept any responsibility for the way you use this forum. Say whatever you think you can get by with. WE'll delete it only if we think it threatens our existence. But we don't think very often, but YOU should think before you associate yourself with people who are so insane as to participate here. If your friends find out, God (if he exists) only knows how badly your life will be wrecked. You may end up starring in a reality TV show and if so, we deeply feel your pain but we are, again, not responsible.
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